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Don't waste my time with your apathy

I'm going to save the world

14 December 1988
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a softer world, activism, agnosticism, anarchist theory, animal rights, anti bush, anti capitalism, anti conformity, anti discrimination, anti everything, anti hate, anti homophobia, anti labels, anti society, anti stereotypes, anti stupidity, anti war, atheism, bisexuality, black, bridgekitty, british history, british literature, calvin and hobbes, candles, chaos, chrono cross, chrono trigger, communist theory, computers, creative writing, current events, cynicism, darkness, ddr, death, duct tape, dungeons and dragons, environmentalism, equality, expatriatism, ffa, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, fire, freaks, freedom, gamecube, gamers, gay rights, geeks, george orwell, get fuzzy, giraffes, good grammar, grateful dead, hippies, incense, independence, indie, individuality, industrial, insanity, intelligence, ipods, jrr tolkien, kissing girls, latin, legend of zelda, liberalism, libertinism, life, literature, local bands, logic, lord of the rings, losers, making a statement, making out, me, meditation, monty python, music, n64, nature, nes, night, ninjas, nintendo, old english, pacifism, pantheism, peace, penguins, philosophy, photography, plaid, poetry, political incorrectness, political theory, politics, psychedelia, punk, pyromania, questionable content, rational anarchy, reading, rebellion, rejects, rock, roleplaying games, safety pins, sarcasm, scaring people, secret of mana, shakespeare, sindarin, ska, sledding, snes, snowboarding, social revolution, stars, stripes, strong bad, sugar, sushi, tea, techno, the 60s, theology, thinking, thrift shops, tolerance, tompants, vegetarianism, vintage clothes, voag, vw microbusses, wasabi, writing, yaoi, yoga, you, yuri, zen, π, ,